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The Befallen by Cambria Williams

Sloane is a girl from a rural village living a simple life. She is kind and capable but is dealing with some insecurities. Her father is an accomplished leatherworker and she learned the trade from him. When the befallen wipe out her village, and a neighboring village she finds herself on a quest to defeat the befallen and save the world.

The Befallen is definitely worth a read. Its really well written and has a good plot. Word on the street is there’s a sequel coming as well.  Its written in the first person from Sloane’s viewpoint. She lives in a dark world. There are bandits, the Ravens, running rampant, the Befallen killing everyone, and through it all Sloane strives to make things better. She is often underestimated due to being a woman, a nobody from a small town, and having a crippled leg. She has to find the unsung, a hero with the power to defeat the Befallen.

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want give you any spoilers. Check this book out!

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