The Keeper Chronicles is my first series. It is a contemporary fantasy series set mostly in North Georgia and follows the exploits of a were otter name Obie. Obie works for Thera, the Earth Mother, protecting her, and us, from demon incursions. 

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Book One

Thera, the Earth Mother, is under siege. Demons from other worlds sneak through magical portals and wreak havoc on earth. In response, she created the Keepers, a group of shapeshifters made from the world’s most skilled predators, to protect her, and us. The fate of North Georgia hangs in the balance when an unknown menace with a new magic threatens to bring the Keepers to their knees. It’s up to Obie, the Keeper of North Georgia, and some unlikely allies to put an end to the destruction before it’s too late. What will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted?

An exciting debut novel that is wildly fun to read and builds a familiar yet strange and dangerous world that leaves you looking forward to the next trip.

  - Mab Morris, Author of Fate of the Red Queen, Jewel of Gazant'e, and The Bone Reader

Available on Kindle, Audible, and Amazon here, or any other book retailer, just ask for it! 

Petrified is a solid urban fantasy with interesting mythology and characters that feel worth knowing.   

  - David Stewart, Fantasy Book Critic

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I couldn’t put it down. What I didn’t expect (but absolutely loved) was the “jaded detective” style narration by the protagonist, much in the style of the Maltese Falcon or Bladerunner. It’s like fantasy meets Sam Spade.

    - Kim Megahee, Author of the Marc McKnight Time Travel Adventures.


Book Two

The Elven Nation, a kingdom of elves in the Chattahoochee National Forest led by the Queen, and the Tortured Occult, a shifter motorcycle gang, forge an uneasy peace. For the first time in decades they begin to work together but the truce doesn’t last.

Tensions run high as a demon army led by an unknown commander wages war on the Elven Nation. Obie, a wereotter and Keeper of Thera, the Earth Mother, is tasked with finding and putting an end to the threat. The Queen becomes increasingly more suspicious, mistrustful, and withdrawn as time passes. As the Queen’s paranoia begins to turn her thoughts to conspiracies, the Tortured Occult find themselves caught in the middle. Now, promises are broken and friendships tested. War has begun. It’s up to Obie to restore the peace.

Available on Kindle and Amazon here, or any other book retailer, just ask for it!