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The Keeper Chronicles is my first series. It is a contemporary fantasy series set mostly in North Georgia and follows the exploits of a were otter name Obie. Obie works for Thera, the Earth Mother, protecting her, and us, from demon incursions. 


Book One

In book one Obie is targeted by a demon who has been on the run for a long time and is tired of hiding. His love, Naylet, is caught in the middle when the demon attacks and he has to get help from some unlikely allies to get her back. Obie has to bring together a shifter motorcycle club called the Tortured Occult, and the Queen, the head of a matriarchal and militaristic group of elves living in the Chattahoochee national Forrest to stop the threat before its too late.

Coming Soon!


Book Two

Betrayal covers the consequences that play out from some deceitful behavior in book one. I am on track to have this out by the February or March time frame. Stay tuned!