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This is a new show I watched on Amazon Prime. I freaking loved it. I've never played any of the Fallout games so it was a new introduction to the world. Wow... What a world. It's a blend of 1950s wholesomeness being crapped on in a post apocalyptic world.

There are vaults deep in the earth where small civilized groups live while the surface is a nuclear wasteland. An everyone fr themselves kind of environment with cannibals and mutants to boot!

Lucy is a vault dweller. When bandits attack her vault (33) and her father is kidnapped she goes to the surface to rescue him. in doing so she steps into a world she is unprepared for and knows nothing about.

The show is a gorefest at times and really funny. It does a great job of setting an expectation, subverting it, and then fulfilling it in a different way than you thought. I was really impressed with the writing. I can't recommend Fallout highly enough!

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