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Review of The Tomb by F.Paul Wilson - 4.6/5

I listened to the audiobook, which was narrated by Andrew Wincott.

I'd give this book 4.6 stars. Its a sold story that’s well written. The narration was well done. No issues with the quality of the book in any area.

What drew me to it was that I was looking for a story about a fixer, someone who solves problems outside of the legal channels. The main character is Repairman Jack who is a fleshed out character dealing with relationship drama and family issues when he's not solving other people's problems.

The story has some light magic and monsters, which I appreciated. It was done is a subtle way. While they are integral to the story it's mainly just about Jack being a New York fixer. I appreciated learning about Jack's backstory and how he's a tough law breaking kind of guy but also shows genuine love and affection. Good book, check it out. Not much else I can say without spoilers. so... Spoilers ahead!!!

I had one issue with the story regarding the monsters, Rakosh. I'm not sure if thats spelled correctly since I listened to the book. The rakosh we're supposedly close to extinction and we're bread with another species to repopulate. This breeding was problematic to me because the species, in my opinion, weren't closely related enough to breed. The justification was touched on in the story but I just didn't buy it for one reason. The rakosh were an egg laying species and the other wasn't. Yes, there was magic in the story but no specific magic referenced to make this interbreeding possible so I'm not sure how that was supposed to work. It wasn’t enough to ruin the story for me.

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