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March Newsletter

I meant to get this newsletter written at the beginning of the month but there has been so much going on that I haven’t had an opportunity to catch my breath, much less figure out how to compile everything into something other than aimless rambling.

The first bit of news, I was a panelist at the Dahlonega Literary Festival on March 2nd.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, since it was my first time participating in an event, but I had the best time. I was on the Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Fantasy panel with Jessica Khoury, Mab Morris, and Shanna Bosarge.

Mab holding the attention of the room at the DLF.

Besides these new friends I spent a lot of time chatting up Casi McLean who, besides writing romance novels set around Lake Lanier, was a pleasure to hang out with. I picked up Shanna Bosarge’s book, Devian, and I will be getting Mab’s book The Bone Reader soon! I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

From the connections I made at the DLF I was invited to a new event in Dahlonega, Wine and Words. I attended the inaugural event and had a blast.

Pretty good spread!

JD Jordan and I are the featured authors for the May 19th event, link here:

If you haven’t heard about JD you can check him out at:

For those of you that have been asking about the second book, you will be happy to hear I am two chapters away from finishing the first draft. I am on track and working hard to get it done ASAP, with a tentative release date of September 1st. I am hoping to have the cover art soon and I’m looking forward to showing it off. Stay tuned more big things happening soon!

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