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June Newsletter

Covid-19 killed The Keeper Chronicles

The biggest news is that my first series The Keeper Chronicles will end at book three. It’s a bittersweet thing for me. I still love the series and characters, but it all comes down to business. eBooks are huge for self-published authors. It’s the part of the market where we have the advantage over traditional publishers. Unfortunately, I have been completely unsuccessful in my marketing attempts for the series. I can sell it in person all day long but if I can’t be successful with online sales, I’ll never achieve my goal of professional authorship.

In this way, Covid-19 was really a blessing for my business. It killed all the momentum I had by canceling all my in-person events and forcing me to focus, and fail, at online sales. It really highlighted the flaw in what I was doing. Had covid-19 not come along I probably would have continued making mediocre progress and wondering why the series hasn’t taken off. I could see myself spending another two years continuing the series before I had this realization.

What’s Next?

I had given some serious thought to revamping the magic system, changing the main character, and continuing with a urban fantasy series in the same setting and using some of the same characters but overhauled to make it a little more mainstream. In this scenario The Keeper Chronicles would be like a prequel for the next series. Related but not exactly the same.

Right now, I am leaning toward a high fantasy series. It would be set in a custom world and the main character would be a goblin ranger style character. I’m planning a human girl to accompany him who has natural magical ability. The kingdom that they live in has started a “cleanse” of the land which both would be the target of.

Any of you that have read my work will know while this sounds a little out there by the time I get done with it will be the same engaging character driven stories that you have come to love. I’m really interested in your opinions on it though, please reach out and let me know what you think!

For Now,

I’m still working my way through the second draft of Taken, the final book in The Keeper Chronicles. Stay tuned for more progress reports. It’s coming along nicely and I’m excited to be wrapping up my first series. It’s a milestone in my writing career! Exciting times!

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