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Halo on Paramount+

Until recently I didn’t know this show existed. It is currently airing episodes for season two, episodes are released Friday morning at 3 AM EST. I binge watched season one a few weeks ago and have been looking forward to season two ever since.

If you are familiar with the games, the timeline for the show is before the first game. The Spartans are a work in progress in the show rather than the “completed” persona we get in the games. In season one, the Master Chief, John 117, finds an alien artifact that activates when he touches it. No one knows what this means. The covenant want the artifact to find the ring, and the federation knows that if the covenant want it, then they can’t let them have it. They are trying to figure out what it does and why the covenant want it.

That’s one plotline. The other major plotline for the Master Chief is through touching the artifact he starts to regain his humanity. He has basically been turned into a machine to the point where he is an emotionless automaton, the perfect soldier. I think for season one this is the dominant plotline.

There are other focus characters as well. I don’t know if these characters are in the books, but they weren’t in the games. When the show is focused on them, I find myself looking forward to getting back to Master Chief. It’s not that these other storylines are bad. If I’m watching a Halo show, I want to see Spartans. Give me all the Spartans all the time. These other storylines feel like a distraction to me.

The show received a lot of criticism online. I spoke to someone at ATL Comiccon about the show. The gentleman I spoke to had read the books and didn’t like the characterization of Master Chief from what he was used to from the books. That’s fair. I haven’t read the books, so I didn’t have any preconceived notions going into the show. Overall, I am really enjoying it. The special effects are fantastic. The covenant weapons blasting people are graphic and awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes.

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