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Exciting News!

Today I became a full time author.

I’ve been working at ADP for twenty one years. I never intended for it to turn into a career. When I started, t was an entry level position that made a few dollars more per hour than the other options I had. I was twenty and just looking for a little more pocket money. I started working and things were good. The years started passing. I moved up the ranks and after a while, things changed. I got older and things like retirement and benefits started to really matter. ADP transformed from a job into a career but today is my last day. I’m grateful to the company and the people I’ve worked with over the years. It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I am tossing out like sour milk.

Today, I leave my career behind to pursue my calling; storytelling. Tomorrow is my first day as a full time author. I’m looking forward to my new chapter! Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this process. If you want to help even more please tell someone about my work or leave a review! Even a single sentence is more than enough to make a big difference.

Events returning to normal

Some good news, events are starting to happen again. The bad news is that most of them are already full from rollovers from 2020. I have a couple things lines up for this year and I expect to be able to get into more events in 2022. Fingers crossed.

Upcoming books

I’m working on book three of The Keeper Chronicles and I have the beginning of book four planned out. I will have to do another draft of book three when I get this draft finished but I expect to have it out early 2022. I should have it finished this year but will need time to go though the editing and publishing process. Stay Tuned!

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