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Delicious in Dungeon

I found this anime on Netflix and thought it looked interesting. The premise of the show is a group of adventurers in a dungeon and encounters a dragon. One of the party members is eaten by the dragon. Everyone else escapes. The deduce that the dragon should take a month to digest the adventure so they are on a clock to make it back to the bottom of the dungeon and cut her out of the belly of the dragon. They are broke and low on supplies. They don’t have time to go earn money to buy the supplies they need to go on this adventure, so they come up with a hairbrained scheme. Since the dungeon is a self-contained ecosystem all the monsters in it have food to eat. Therefore, they can live the same way as the monsters.

What this means is they go into the dungeon and start eating all the monsters they kill. Its kind of a mix between a dungeon delve and a cooking show. There’s a ton of creativity in this show that I really appreciate. The show starts off like a cozy fantasy and keeps upping the stakes until the very end. Great premise, engaging characters, original monsters, would recommend.

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