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December Newsletter

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had a meal that couldn’t be beat, complete with Wassail made from my own recipe. I got my usual Thanksgiving nap in so with my traditions complete I am free to get some work done.

Writing Contest

Recently, I was asked to judge a short story contest for The Chestatee Review. I was excited at the opportunity to contribute in a new way to the writing community. I read through the entries and then came the hard part… Picking a winner.

It’s been a real learning experience for me and I have two big takeaways from it.

First, I am reflecting on the objective nature of judging in general. Looking at these stories I definitely favor some over others but then I try to step back and look at them from a more distant lens. Of course, I feel I have to take into account errors present such as grammar.

Second, The most consistent problem I am seeing is with dialog. The authors seem to still be figuring out how and when to break paragraphs for clarity, as well as how to use dialog tags, or more importantly, how to avoid using them.


For the past couple months I have been out vending at different events across the state. Overall it’s been positive. I’ve gone to a least two events a month and I have been making sales at every event (except one) so far. I’m really excited about one event coming up on December 21st, the Marietta Square Christmas Market. I am really hoping to get some of those last-minute Christmas gift sales.

I am also getting some new artwork done and with any luck I will have some new display pieces and cards in time. Stay tuned for that!

Betrayal on track

I am still on rack to have Betrayal out early 2020. I was able to finish the second draft of chapter twenty-one earlier today and I am going to try and finish the last eight chapters in the next couple weeks. Next is to touch up a couple chapter I made notes in and get it out to test readers. After that it’s a final read through and on to editing. I expect to have a release date around March but you never know exactly how it will play out. Those of you that support me on Patreon will be getting your signed copies in the mail ASAP.

Upcoming Events

Marietta Square Christmas Market – Dec 21st

Spring Author Showcase at the Fulton County Library – Apr 25th

Betrayal Release Event at the Bear Book Market in Dahlonega – Date TBD

Wine and Words Event at Accent Cellars – Date TBD

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