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Annabelle/Annabelle Creation Review - Spoiler Free

These are horror movies in the Conjuring franchise, and you can expect a lot of the same flavor from them. Just like in the franchise these are also out of chronological order. Annabelle Creation ends right where Annabelle begins. This leads us to the same watch order question we faced with the Conjuring movies. Personally, I would watch them in chronological order, Annabelle Creation then Annabelle.

These are gone of the best/worst horror movies I’ve seen. Call me a softie but I don’t like kids getting hurt. These movies have a focus on the horrific things either happening to or revolving around children. They got to me. I don’t know if it’s just being a dad but there was one point I considered turning it off. That being said, that’s the kind of thing horror is supposed to do so the movies achieved their objective. I can’t fault a horror movie for being horrific but if you’re like me you’ll want to buckle up for these movies.

The Annabelle movies are based on a true story and focus on the happenings around a doll an “inhuman spirit” uses as a conduit. Annabelle follows a young couple, expecting their first child, who comes into possession of the doll. Annabelle Creation follows how the doll was made and why it’s so nasty, all of the backstory. I think I would have like Anabelle more if I had watched Annabelle Creation first.

Between the two movies I like Annabelle Creation more. It’s a more complete, well rounded story, it’s also the scarier of the two. They’re good moves no matter which order you choose to watch them in. I haven’t watched Annabelle comes come yet. I’ll do a review when it works it’s way into the lineup.

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