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Necrotown by Alexander Nader 5/5

Necrotown is an urban fantasy that’s almost post apocalyptic or cyberpunk. It reminds me a lot of Shadowrun without the deckers. It’s set in Tennessee in an alternate timeline where magic fantasy species are a thing.

Mountain City is split in to different discticts, Necrotown being where the necromancers live. The story follows Sam an immortal private detective and his Kitsune wife, Fox. When Sam dies he is reborn into a new body. He has some magical ability as well. Fox is a very cool character. She can possess people. It reminds me of Fallen with Denzel Washington the way she can body jump. I love the idea and application in the story. If you like strong female characters you’ll dig Fox.

They are hired by a Llyod Burgess to find and return his missing daughter. Since money is no object for Burgess he is able to offer enough for Sam to get over his reservations about working for him. I won’t give away any of the twists and turns, of which there are many. It’s a well written book with strong characters and an intriguing plot.

It’s written in present tense which took me some getting used to. It’s not a common choice for Urban Fantasy and after finishing, I think I still prefer past tense but it was done expertly. Worth Reading!

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