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So you want to be a writer...

        The idea for these articles came from my experience at the 2019 Dahlonega Literary Festival. It was my first event as an author and I had landed a spot on the Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Fantasy panel. At the end, during the question and answer portion, we were asked about our process. I don’t know what the gentlemen asking the question was trying to get at exactly, and he may not have known himself, but as the other panelists answered I looked up at the clock. I had ninety seconds to sum up my entire writing process start to finish. Formulating ideas, outlining, world building, writing and editing, typesetting, marketing, everything involved summed up in a nice neat package in ninety seconds. Needless to say it’s a conversation that would take hours to do properly. So I gave the best answer I could related around whiting scheduling and that was that. I’m sure he didn’t find the answer he was looking for and I left feeling a little bit like a failure for not being about to help the way I would have liked.

I had two takeaways from that experience:

  1. People may not always know, or know how to get at, the information they need.

  2. Even if they ask the right questions I may not be able to answer them properly due to a multitude of reasons, time constraints being one.


        I thought about it for a while and decided the best option would be to have a set of materials prepared that I could refer people to. That is what I am working on here, a complete description of my process, start to finish. I hope what you find here is able to help you in your writing journey.

The Creative Process