Sidesteet Publishing Mentor Program

No longer accepting applications

The mentor program is how I've decided to use the resources at my disposal to help aspiring authors avoid the trouble I had building a writing career. Read below to find out all the details!


The Sidestreet Publishing mentor program exists to help aspiring authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy to learn processes of writing, publishing, and marketing.

The Program

I will select one person at a time to write a book collaboratively with. We will start the book from scratch. The protege will be responsible for the bulk of the writing with regular input coming from me. I will review and contribute from start to finish. We will have regular meetings to discuss the books progress and any issues the protege is having. When the book is finished, I will cover the costs of professional artwork, editing, formatting, etc, and publish it under my imprint, Sidestreet Publishing. The profit from sales will be split evenly. The goal should be to complete the novel in a year.


I may ask for help with projects, research, etc. Anything I ask you to do will be applicable to your business after we have concluded the program. Also, you would be expected to accompany me to events as you are available. 


Applicants should live in the North Georgia area and want to write Science Fiction or Fantasy. They should have reliable transportation and be able to commit the time necessary to write a novel and attend events.


Send an email to authorbenmeeks at gmail dot com with "Mentor Application" in the subject line. Please attach something you've written. A short story or single chapter would be fine. I just want to get an idea of where you're at.

Also, please give me a summary of your experience with writing and where you would like it to go/what you want it to be. 

I will select someone for the program at the beginning of November.